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ido Homeowner Rep is your concierge service that provides innovative home solutions for you, the homeowner. We connect PREMIER homeowners to SUPERIOR contractors by eliminating the problems a homeowner faces when hiring a contractor. We aim to be the industry standard as a tool and resource for the homeowner. We have created and developed a user-friendly platform that engages and informs, providing you a stress-free solution to get your projects & repairs completed. ido Homeowner Rep is your reliable home expert forever by your side.

How It Works

1. Download our app & sign up for a plan
2. To start a project:

Upload as many photos as you’d like to our app.

Provide a brief description of what you’d like done.

Select a preferred completion date.

3. Your IDO rep will provide 3 bids. You choose the one that works for you.
4. As a Gold Member, you get the star treatment. Your IDO rep will work with the contractors to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Innovate For Ease

We take care of every aspect of the home maintenance process for homeowners.


Exclusive Benefits

24/7 Support, Flexible Schedules and Managed Tasks.

Phone Support

Consultations or questions
regarding your project.


Flexibility when you
need it the most.

Track Your Projects

Peace of mind knowing
your project status.


Our contractors keep 100% of the pay. We don’t take a cut, so no markups!

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for a free consultation!

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