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  • Work order 0/year.
  • Capital Project Rates listed below.
  • Standard service included, see the list of features below.
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  • Work orders 6/year
  • Capital Project Rates listed below.
  • Special services are available upon request.
  • Standard service included.
    • Review and Clarify Contractor Proposal
    • Proposal recommendations to homeowner





  • Work orders 8/year
  • Capital Project Rates listed below
  • Special services are available upon request.
  • Silver service included.
    • Live meeting with homeowner to review contractor proposal
    • Schedule collaboration with all parties
    • Material coordination
    • Material and equipment arrange delivery
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  • Work orders 10/year
  • Capital Project Rates listed below.
  • Special services are available upon request.
  • Gold service included.
    • Payment request review and make recommendation.
    • Cost increase management.
    • Contract management.
    • Project closeout.
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The ido Homeowner Rep onboarding process is critical to understand our customer’s home site and needs. It contributes to the long-term success of ido Homeowner Rep partnership. There will be a one-time $550.00 onboarding processing fee. A one-year subscription commitment is required. Terms and Conditions will be presented during your scheduled onboarding. Subscription payment will be charged within 15 days of onboarding completion. There are no payment obligations between sign-up and onboarding.

Standard Services

Emergency Call
Record Keeping
Virtual work order assessment
In person work order assessment
Request for Proposal from contractors
Answer any questions contractors might have

*If a service is not included in your Membership plan, additional services are available upon request, valued at $50.00.

Special Services

Safety Monitoring
Quality Administration
Homeowner User Manual

*Available upon request with our strategic partners.

Additonal Work Order Rate

Additional Service Hours $105/hr per work order applies to all the membership plans listed above.
A project less than $10,000.00 will be considered a work order.
A work order consists of no more than two contractors.

Capital Projects Rates

Capital Project hourly rate is based upon your Membership Subscription
On-Demand = $105/hr, SILVER= $95/hr,  GOLD = $85/hr, PLATINUM = $75/hr
A project more than $15,000.00 will be considered a Capital Project

Yes, your onboarding process is critical to a long-term successful partnership with ido Homeowner Rep. Matterport is optional.

The onboarding fee covers the Matterport service, Life-Safety Limited Inspection & your customized Homeowner Manual.

You can opt in for a Monthly plan or Yearly plan. No obligation until final onboarding process has been completed.

No obligation or commitment UNTIL final onboarding process has been completed. 1 year commitment required.

Your personal ido Homeowner Rep

Your personal ido Homeowner Rep or call our 24/7 support at 1-888-426-0226

No, you will be refunded the unused work order value which will then be converted to our cash back program.

Customer is responsible to pay the hourly rate for the additional work order(s).

ido Rep will support in contacting the appropriate contractor within 24 hours. Emergency Calls are billed according to the Contractor rate.

A document that provides all the information about a maintenance task and outlines a process for completing that task. Work orders can include details on who authorized the job, the scope, who it’s assigned to, and what is expected.

A long-term renovation on a larger scale with the project valued over $15,000.


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